Sunday, 28 December 2014

Starter Kits

GO! Big Electric Fabric Cutter Starter Set

Learn to make the most amazing quilts in your life for you and your family, friends.  Make your own home really unique.  Using this amazing skill to enhance your home, for sofas, beds, chairs and car seats.

Your own imagination is the only thing that will limit you.  Go For It.

Sewing Notions, Cabinets

Sewing Notions & Supplies

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Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Fire Mountain Gemstone and Bead collection catalogue available to be seen in Estepona.

Do you enjoy using gemstones and beads in your needlework.

Would you like to learn how to make some fantastic jewellery?

For all your jewellery making needs.  I have a catalogue you can browse through, to enhance your wardrobe and your home d├ęcor.

I love the catalogue and would like to share it with you.  If you live in or around the Estepona area of Andalusia I would be happy to bring it to show you - especially if you get a couple of your friends together and we can share it in a more fun setting.  Call me 952897862  email me on

We sometimes prefer to look at a book rather than the screen have a coffee and chat and get excited about the different gemstones and beads available.


I really enjoyed making this bedspread, it took me about 3 weeks to do at night.  At the time I was having trouble sleeping and found being creative a really great help.

I loved to watch how the work developed and as it is one of my latest crochet blankets I thought I would show it to you.

I normally do it like a square but this time I choose to go in a different format, I think that this way really looks great.

I also have done a few for the dogs beds, also I have crochet some dog coats as they all feel the cold in the winter here in Spain.  Sometimes it gets cold in the house  - yet is warm outside, but sitting inside in the evening can be very chilly.  We recently started to up the fires on but it has to be really chilly otherwise you get overheated really quickly.

Hope you like what I have created.

Hand made Tea cosy and table mats, egg cosy too.

I recently enjoyed creating these lovely items.  Matching them together and deciding how they should look was really exciting.

I enjoyed knitting these items

I am a keen hand knitter and use a whole variety of yarns, including this double knitting I picked up from the local chinese shop in Estepona.

I love to experiment with colours and styles.  I hope you like them.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Recently Created by Sue Caroline

 I really enjoyed making these.

I have these patterns and order the yarns from the UK.

The gloves were made for my daughter- she suffers with Reynaulds Syndrome and therefore needs longer length cuffs, they look really good on her and she says they feel really comfy.  

This is my drapenecked lightweight sweater done in Opium yarn which I import from the UK.
I really enjoyed making this.

Using the basic pattern to create this extra long tunic for me.  This can be worn both as a dress or over trousers as seen here.  This is also Opium yarn as above.  

The yarns I use really do make the knitting experience really enjoyable for me.  I never quite know just how the designs are going to turn out.

The Riot mulitcoloured yarns especially have a special quality to them, they knit up soft and comfy.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Hand knitted with Opium Yarn by Sue Caroline

This handknitted jacket took me about two & 1/2 weeks  to complete.  I really enjoyed making it.  My daughter really loves it.  She helped me design it for her own style.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

New Handmade in India

Recently I received a lovely message from a Rev G S Kumar in India sharing with me his wife's and friends handiwork.

They help the homeless and sick children around India.

However today I am sharing with you their amazing handiwork.

If you are interested in finding out more about their work pleasd do not hesitate to contact

Here is a selection of their work.  They are looking to hopefully sell their produce to raise funds for their ministry throughout the Inidan Continent.

Hope you like what you see.  I am excited to share with you their talents.

this beautiful hand made skirt has taken a long time in the making and just look a the detail on this - it is amazing.
The delightfully designs on these two ladies jackets are really special.
This is a pretty top.  I like it, I consider it a lovely addition to my wardrobe.

These would make excellent appliques to your wardrobe.
This is a lovely cushion, would not look out of place in my house, I love the colours.
Lovely place mats, graceful and pretty, would look really good on your mantle or tables.

This is a sample of their work

They are hoping that this little sample of their works will encourage others to contact them and ask for their work for their homes and families.

I am sure you will agree that they are really lovely

for more information please contact me at or direct to

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Socks by Sue Caroline

I also knit socks, both bedtime and daysocks.

I really enjoy knitting.

here is a sample of my hand knitted bed socks - one size.

These are made with 4ply cotton mix.

I really enjoyed making this bedsocks.

Hats by Sue Caroline

Here are some samples of hats and yarns I use to make my creations.
If you would like to learn more about them please do not hesitate to contact me.   0034952897862
to learn more about this colour please contact suecaroline

This is made from Riot by King Cole yarns

This is a cotton mix 

This is a very pretty yarn to work with.
The yarns I have used are really lovely and would highly recommend them.
I have also been investing in some lovely patterns from the same company.

If there is anything you may like to see and live on the Costa Del sol, I can bring you catalogues to see and a selection of samples of various yarns available.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

I love to make hats

I made this first as an experiment with a pattern.  I wanted to see how it would look with sequins added and am very pleased with the result.

This hat was made out of some amazing Riot DK from King Cole.  They have such a wide range of yarns which I am brining over from the UK to sell in Spain.

I am selling my hats for 20€

I have a wide range of yarns I am using and will be adding more to the page as I progress.

These hats are hand made and I have and do enjoy making them.

I have recently also been asked to make a sweater in Mohair so am looks like my skills will not be wasted.

These hats are samples.  The multicoloured one I sold the day after I finished it. It was a one off unique hat.  The proud owner of it was very pleased with it.

Beautiful Crochet Garments

Do you want to see some amazing garments which will have you drooling.  I am really pleased to present this beautiful blog with amazing designs and hopefully you too will enjoy the thrill of looking at some amazing talent.

The garments are all hand made crochet - each item is unique.  Do yourself a favour and browse this amazing page and discover for yourself the talent unfold before you.

Hand Made Crochet Garment for children and adults.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Hand Made Gift Ideas

Looking for something different, then check this out.

Sewing and Fabric Craft

Now this is really interesting if you are looking to expand your sewing and fabric craft ideas.

Hand Painting on Dolls.

Found this lovely idea to do with the children.

Craft Show and Tell

There are many wonderful ideas for you to make and sell in your local markets and between your friends.

Found these

Found these.

Craft Techniques and Projects

This is an interesting item I have found, full of useful tips and ideas.

Flower Craft

I have been looking for something that will compliment what I am doing and found this.
Whether you are looking to make them for yourself and use them as home decor or wear in your hair, so many ideas for you to choose from.

toys eyes

Making toys, need a set of eyes, I found these.  I hope you like them.