Saturday, 5 July 2014

I love to make hats

I made this first as an experiment with a pattern.  I wanted to see how it would look with sequins added and am very pleased with the result.

This hat was made out of some amazing Riot DK from King Cole.  They have such a wide range of yarns which I am brining over from the UK to sell in Spain.

I am selling my hats for 20€

I have a wide range of yarns I am using and will be adding more to the page as I progress.

These hats are hand made and I have and do enjoy making them.

I have recently also been asked to make a sweater in Mohair so am looks like my skills will not be wasted.

These hats are samples.  The multicoloured one I sold the day after I finished it. It was a one off unique hat.  The proud owner of it was very pleased with it.

Beautiful Crochet Garments

Do you want to see some amazing garments which will have you drooling.  I am really pleased to present this beautiful blog with amazing designs and hopefully you too will enjoy the thrill of looking at some amazing talent.

The garments are all hand made crochet - each item is unique.  Do yourself a favour and browse this amazing page and discover for yourself the talent unfold before you.

Hand Made Crochet Garment for children and adults.