Saturday, 29 December 2012

Baby Beanies

Baby Beanies Made with the Knook

Just look at these delightful hats.  New additions to your baby wardrobe.
Today there are so many great yarns about that it is difficult not to want to make something beautiful from them.

Having these patterns will make the choice so much more fun.

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Leisure Arts Magnets

Magnets Thru the Year Plastic Canvas on Clearance at Leisure Arts

Why not check these out, great fun ideas for your family.

Be creative, learn a new skill.  Expand on your skills.  Show your friends what a talent you have.

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Friday, 28 December 2012

Own Style - Fashion Statement

Are you having trouble getting exactly what you are looking for, are shop bought products just too much the same, are you looking for something more extraordinary - then why not make your own style. All the patterns can be adjusted to fit your figure, your ideas, mix and match and develop a really great wardrobe for your self.

Your own fashion statement can be just a few days away, learning to create and not be afraid of what others may say.  You are in your hands when you create your own designs.  I have been swapping and changing patterns and making the clothes I like to wear and enjoy wearing.  Experimenting with materials.  

Getting the right fit is up to you.  No more ahhhhs in shops because you can make the changes your self.

Are you tall then you can adjust the length to suit, are you short likewise the joy is making it for yourself.

I have always enjoyed it and am wanting to share the pleasure with others.

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Modern Sewing Patterns

If you have a website and your website is related to Sewing Craft, Modern Fashion, Wedding/Tailor Services, Clothing Store or anything else you think is somehow related to our business then:

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I have found that their patterns are simple and straightforward.  I hope that you will be making use of their products. 
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Patterns to suit all sizes

Modern Sewing Patterns - online catalogue with more then 500 sewing patterns adjustable to any size.

So you think that you cant get what you are looking for in the shops then use your own imagination using a basic pattern to create your own style.

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Craft Ideas

I have found this to be a great treasure store of ideas for home and family.
Whatever you are looking for whether your are looking to try a new skill or just build on the ones you have, all kneedlework ideas here.

From baby wear through to blankets and hats and scarves for all the family.

Just check it out for your self and discover a wonder world of ideas.

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