Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Todays Titbits for my world of crafting

I try to bring to you a selection of craft ideas so that you can really enjoy your own creative art form.
I have always enjoyed sewing and knitting and learning how I can mix and match other ideas into my work.
For me to share with you the delight I have found in discovering new ways of making my own clothes and handicrafts for my own home stand out from the rest is by using ideas from different formats.

Here is something I think that you could also enjoy working with.

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Monday, 23 March 2015

For all your sewing needs.

Sewing Machine Foot Controls all brands and makes, especially when you think it will go on forever, good to know you can get a replacement from a reputable shop.

Fashion Sewing Cabinets  I am looking for one myself

Jiffy Garment Steamers great idea.

Madeira Sewing Thread always looking for good quality.

Sewing Machines I think you will like this selection

Quilting Machines excellent choice.

Embroidery Machines for those of us who really do enjoy a good embroidery machine, it is great to learn a new skill.

Sewing Machine Bobbins  High quality, all types, just amazing how many there are for so many different makes.

Sewing Machine Power Cords  Always hard to find just the right one for your machine.  Look no further we have everything all in the one place.

Child Sewing Machines - teaching children to take care of their own clothes and developing great creativeness is essential especially in this day and age when we seem to live in a throw away society.  Learning can be fun.  I am glad that I taught my daughter to sew, knit, she loves to create things too.  At the moment she is knitting a lovely little teddy for us to put on our craft stall in the fall.

Miele Vacuum Cleaners this I have put in because I know how difficult it is to get those nasty bits that refuse to be budged.

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Just a few things I have thinking about today

Sunday, 8 March 2015

today's bitty knitty

I enjoy knitting and sewing
On my bog from to time you will see some of my new creation.
I have finished knitting some really lovely hats and would be happy sell them  or make one for you, all my new hats have however some of the elements of them are the same.

Friday, 6 March 2015

Just an update of what I have been busy doing.
a everyone knows i actually enjoy knitting, just recently i have been developing my own styles .  So watch this space for my new designs. I reply love to see something develop from nothing -a ball of wool, see it take shape and then finally get to wear the product of my own hands.
as you take the time to red through my blog , do feel free to order the books and whatever that may take your fanay.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Starter Kits

GO! Big Electric Fabric Cutter Starter Set

Learn to make the most amazing quilts in your life for you and your family, friends.  Make your own home really unique.  Using this amazing skill to enhance your home, for sofas, beds, chairs and car seats.

Your own imagination is the only thing that will limit you.  Go For It.

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